Past Tenses №1

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Identify the tenses, then match them to the correct descriptions.

Определите время и объясните его использование:

1    People used to have/had very simple lives in those days.
2    She was talking on the phone when her boss came in.
3    Sam was in hospital because he had crashed his car.
4    They had been studying hard all morning, so they were tired.
5    I was cooking lunch while he was pouring the drinks.
6    We had been living in the house for a year before we decorated the kitchen.
7    Princess Diana did a lot of work for charity.
8    At two o"clock this afternoon they were having lunch at work.
9    First, she knocked on the door. Then, she went inside.
10  We had bought the tickets before we went to the theatre.

Ответы к упражнению:

  1. Past Simple
  2. Past Continuous
  3. Past Simple, Past Perfect
  4. Past Perfect Continuous
  5. Past Continuous
  6. Past Perfect Continuous
  7. Past Simple
  8. Past Continuous
  9. Past Simple
  10. Past Perfect

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