Passive Voice №3

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Переделайте предложения из действительного в страдательный залог:

1    Do they sell clothes in this shop?
 ...Are clothes sold in this shop?...

2    Someone is cleaning the windows.
3    She tapped him on the hand with her pen.
4    I don't like people laughing at me.
5    People spend a lot of money on food.
6    Is Sue washing the car?   
7    Who made this mess?
8    Grandfather is going to tell the children a story.
9    They will open the new sports centre soon.
10  They made him confess to the robbery.
11  Liz showed me some holiday pictures.
12   Sam remembers his friend telling him about the party.
13    They heard him calling for help.
14    Who broke this mug?
15    The jury will have reached a verdict by the morning.
16    The teacher will mark the essays.
17    People make jam from fruit.
18    They sent for the doctor.
19    Clive hasn't cut the grass yet.
20    They may not repair the car this week.

Ответы к упражнению:

  1. Are clothes sold in this shop?
  2. Are the windows being cleaned?
  3. He was tapped on the hand with her pen.
  4. I don't like being laughed at.
  5. A lot of money is spent on food.
  6. Is the car being washed by Sue?
  7.  Who was this mess made by?
  8. The children are going to be told a story by the grandfather.
  9. The new sport centre will be opened soon.
  10. He was made to confess the robbery.
  11. Some holiday pictures were shown to me by Liz.
  12. Sam remembers being told about the party.
  13. He was heard calling for help.
  14. Who was this mug broken by?
  15. A verdict will have been reached by the jury by the morning.
  16. The essays will be marked by the teacher.
  17. Jam is made from fruit.
  18. The doctor was sent by.
  19. The grass hasn't been cut by Clive yet.
  20. The car may not be repaired this week.

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