Some/any/no и их производные №1

нравится 11 не нравится

Дополните диалог, используя нужные местоимения:

Bill has lost his keys

A: There is 1) nothing/something more annoying than losing 2) something/anything.

B: What have you lost?

A:My keys. They must be 3) anywhere/somewhere in the house, but I've got 4) no/any idea where. I can't find them 5) nowhere/anywhere.

B: Are you sure you haven't left them 6) somewhere/nowhere by mistake?

A: Of course not. They can't be 7) somewhere/anywhere else but here. 8) No one/Someone must have hidden them.

B: Why would 9) no one/anyone hide your keys? There is 10) any/no reason for 11) anyone/no one to do 12) nothing/something so silly.

A: Well, I need 13) some/any help to find them. I have to go 14) anywhere/somewhere important this afternoon.

B: Calm down. It's 15) some/no use getting angry about 16)anything/something like this. Look! There are 17)no/ some keys on that chair.

A: They're mine! Oh, I feel so silly!

Ответы к упражнению:

  1. nothing
  2. something
  3. somewhere
  4. no
  5. anywhere
  6. somewhere
  7. anywhere
  8. someone
  9. anyone
  10. no
  11. anyone
  12. something
  13. some
  14. somewhere
  15. no
  16. something
  17. some

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