Subjunctive Mood. Suppositional.

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Откройте скобки, используя формы Suppositional Mood (British Eng.) и Subjunctive I (American Eng.):

1. He suggests that I (to try) something else.
2. He only requested that he (to allow) to see the heads of the departments.
3. Doris requires of a man that he (to be) clever.
4. Brady proposed that they (to walk) down to the sea hill.
5. They decided that Laura (to have) the food that had been ordered.
6. Charles insisted that we (to keep) it in secret.
7. She soon demanded that the work (to finish) in time.
8. I’ve made up my mind that Meg (to send for).
9. I thought that I (to get) over it.
10. He had never suggested that I (to visit) them.
11. Frank insisted that I (to be) also present.
12. The teacher recommended that the students (to work) in the library.
13. She insists that the margins (to be) on the left side of the page.
14. She promised to arrange that mother (to come and sit) with the baby.
15. It was demanded that some kind of school-leaving certificate (to be provided).
16. It was intended that she (to be sent) to school.
17. He ordered that nothing (to be touched).

Ответы к упражнению:

  1. should try/try
  2. should be allowed/be allowed
  3. should be/be
  4. should walk/walk
  5. should have/have
  6. should keep/keep
  7. should be finished/be finished
  8. should be sent for/be sent for
  9. should have got/get
  10. should have visited/visit
  11. should be /be
  12. should work/work
  13. should be/be
  14. should come and sit/come and sit
  15. should be provided/be provided
  16. should have been sent/be sent
  17. should be touched/be touched

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