Present Simple / Present Continuous / Present Perfect №4

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Write the sentences again, using the word or words in brackets instead of the underlined word or words. Make the necessary changes to the sentences.

Перепишите предложения, используя слова в скобках вместо подчеркнутых слов, измените время:
1    I'm reading a book about the Pacific at the moment.
2    We've taken an expedition to China for the last five years.
(every year)    
3    We eat a lot of fish every week.
(at the moment)    
4    Pauline Jones has worked at a travel agent's in London since 2000.
(in the school holidays this year)    
5    Brian goes to some unusual places in the summer.
(for the last five years)    
6    We always prepare for expeditions.
7    Dave is repairing his motorbike, so we can't go to the cinema on it.

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