Идиомы английского языка на букву 'F'

Всего идиом - 974
Fit the axe into the helve
Перевод: преодолеть трудность, достичь цели
Пример использования: It was not so easy to fit the axe into the helve but I managed to.
Flat as a pancake
Перевод: плоский как блин
Пример использования: Bobby squashed the ant f lat as a pancake.
For all intents and purposes
Перевод: фактически, на самом деле
Пример использования: For all intents and purposes the construction of the dwelling house was practically finished.
Free as a bird
Перевод: беззаботный, абсолютно свободный
Пример использования: Jane is always happy and free as a bird.
Fresh as a daisy
Перевод: свежий как роза
Пример использования: Sally was fresh as a daisy and cheerful as could be.
From afar
Перевод: издалека
Пример использования: He started from afar, because it was difficult for him to confess in his feelings.
Full ahead!
Перевод: Полный вперёд
Full blast
Перевод: на всю громкость
Пример использования: The car radio was on full blast. We couldn’t hear what the driver was saying.
Перевод: полноценный, вполне развитый
Пример использования: Having worked for a few years, Tim Noaland became a full-fledged engineer.
Funny as a barrel of monkeys
Перевод: весёлый, смешной
Пример использования: The entire evening was funny as a barrel of monkeys.
Funny as a crutch
Перевод: несмешной
Пример использования: The welldressed lady slipped and fell in the gutter, which was funny as a crutch.