Идиомы английского языка на букву 'S'

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Save one's bacon
Перевод: спасать свою шкуру
Пример использования: Jason did all to save his bacon
Say amen to sth
Перевод: соглашаться с чем-либо
Пример использования: My mother said amen to my plans
Second to none
Перевод: непревзойденный
Пример использования: He is second to none as a teacher.
Set one's bag for
Перевод: заигрывать
Пример использования: Sally set her bag for Tom, but all in vain.
Sharp as a razor
Перевод: острый как бритва
Пример использования: The old man’s senile, but his wife is as sharp as a razor.
Sharp as a tack
Перевод: умный, смышлённый
Пример использования: Sue can figure things out from even the slightest hint. She’s as sharp as a tack.
Sick as a dog
Перевод: больной
Пример использования: Sally was as sick as a dog and couldn’t go to the party.
Silent as the dead and (as) silent as the grave
Перевод: тихий, молчаливый, берегущий тайну
Пример использования: Jessica is as silent as the grave on the subject of her first marriage
Silly as a goose
Перевод: глупый как гусь
Пример использования: Edith is as silly as a goose. She thinks that reading aloud to her houseplants will help them grow
Slick as a whistle
Перевод: быстро и четко
Пример использования: Tom took a broom and a mop and cleaned the place up as slick as a whistle.
Slippery as an eel
Перевод: скользкий как уж
Пример использования: Tom can’t be trusted. He’s as slippery as an eel.
Slow as molasses in January
Перевод: медленный
Пример использования: Can’t you get dressed any faster? I declare, you’re as slow as molasses in January.
Sly as a fox
Перевод: хитрый как лис
Пример использования: My nephew is as sly as a fox.
Smooth as silk
Перевод: гладкий как шелк
Пример использования: Your skin is as smooth as silk.
Snug as a bug in a rug
Перевод: уютный
Пример использования: What a lovely little house! I know I’ll be snug as a bug in a rug.
Sober as a judge
Перевод: трезвый, формальный
Пример использования: You certainly look gloomy, Bill. You’re sober as a judge
Soft as velvet
Перевод: нежный как бархат
Пример использования: The horse’s nose felt as soft as velvet.
Solid as a rock
Перевод: твёрдый как камень, надёжный
Пример использования: This company builds typewriters that are as solid as a rock.
Sound as a dollar
Перевод: надёжный
Пример использования: The garage is still sound as a dollar. Why tear it down?
Sour as vinegar
Перевод: кислый как лимон
Пример использования: The old man greeted us illnaturedly, his face as sour as vinegar.