Has TV destroyed communication(5)? Телевидение уничтожило общение?

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To agree or disagree with the statement that television has destroyed the communication among family and friends is a matter of balancing its pros and cons. However, if one considers the following reasons, he or she may disagree with the title statement as I do.

First, some people may hold the view that friends and family would easily fight with each other for the programs on the television that he or she wants to watch. For example, the child may be likely to switch to the cartoon channel while the father wants to see the news program, and the mother prefers a romantic movie. However as far as I am concerned, the scenario is an exaggeration.

I do not think such a trivial quarrel would destroy anything important, and as friends or family, the one result is to attribute to the communication. Each person would present their reasons for watching the program, so that next time they would not argue for the same thing again. They know the taste of each number of the family and they will probably try to avoid such conflicts. In addition, television offers us numerous topics to talk about. Television informs us of what is happening around the world. Everybody has his/her own reaction towards these events. Without television, we may hold the idea that no one would have the chance to share. When the friends and the whole family sit tighter in front of a television, a nice and intimate atmosphere is provided for communication. Through such kind of communication, family members can understand each other better. A small example may give some light to this point. Once I had some disagreement and had not talk to my dad for several days. One night, when my dad and I were watching television together, we found an interesting topic that both of us wanted to say something about it, so we said a little first and talk much later and all the unpleasant disappear out of existence.

So, in my point of view, nothing has been destroyed by television. On the contrary it might improve our communication.

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