Has TV destroyed communication (1)? Телевидение уничтожило общение?

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There are always good and bad consequences following technological developments. Television has served many needs of people. But, unfortunately, it has destroyed communication among friends and family. The reasons are that people are getting maximum information, entertainment and time pass through various channels. I will explain these reasons in detail further in my essay.

Though there are many sources of gathering information we rely on people for information most of the times. This is gradually replaced by countless advertisements coming up in television. They show different products, their prices and their availabilities in stores. They even give phone numbers to order by calling. Certain products which, we don"t even know the purpose is also explained these days. For example, I have seen an ad about a hair dryer stand 2 days back.

Initially, I didn"t even understand its purpose but as it continued, I could easily make out and so I bought it the very next week with out even bothering to ask any of my friends.

Man is a social animal. He likes to be in society among people, which keeps him entertained by gatherings with friends and family. In television, different serials and movies are played. There are thousands of channels offering variety of programs. Once we get used to watching these programs, we don"t see any point in going out and meeting friends. For instance, when I was a child, our family members and friends used to gather every weekend and watch a movie in a theatre. But now, every one watches movies in their own homes as there are some paid channels where we can watch latest movies. It saves time and money.

People are anyway busy these days with personal and professional works. On top of this, some channels like discovery, BBC, CNN, ESPN keep people occupied with all the knowledge they need. They don"t see any time to meet friends or family. For example, they are even having dinner watching television.

There are advantages and disadvantages of everything created on earth. It depends on human beings to utilize or exploit them.

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