Has TV destroyed communication (2)? Телевидение уничтожило общение?

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An invention of the new technological era, many people have deemed television as an obstacle for the normal communication in family and among friends. Although there may be some negative effects of television"s presence in our lives, the positive ones are incontrovertible and even more compelling. TV is an acknowledged medium of communication that broadens our knowledge, thus providing more topics of conversation among friends and family.

Though the indiscriminate watching of TV programs tends to create inhumane zombies, addicted to the screen and incapable of normal communication, few people actually come down to this state. On the contrary, the discriminating choice of TV programs could enrich people"s view and make them feel more informed. Through specialized broadcasts, people usually become more knowledgeable in their fields of work, thus getting capable of a more fulfilling communication with others.

At home, television can always create a warm atmosphere. Imagine a family in front of the TV watching a favorite funny show, laughing, and sharing a common enjoyment. At Christmas and the New Year"s Eve, for example, there are shows that contribute to the celebratory atmosphere at home. Although television is said to take up much of the time that we are supposed to spend with our friends, it does not, in fact, spoil communication between friends. It can even provide diverse topics for conversation, help friends share opinions and interests, and, if those are not enough - help to find friends.

In brief, television has proved to be a plentiful source of information for people of different tastes. Consequently, it has much contributed to the more enriching and fulfilling communication among family and friends. And although some "enemies" of the technological world try to dismiss it, television has become an inseparable part of our everyday life, making communication more enjoyable.

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