Has TV destroyed communication (4)? Телевидение уничтожило общение?

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I do strongly support the statement that television has destroyed communication among friends and family. This I support with the following reasons.

First let me describe the role of television today. Nowadays people spend a tremendous amount of time in front of the television. Thus communication among friends and family has become much more difficult in the 21st century.

Because television always keeps you up to date, gives you a good laugh and a lot of handy tips for life, people do not need their friends and family members anymore to support them in achieving their goals.

Sadly enough the likelihood of becoming addicted to television nowadays is tremendously high. Once you start to communicate less with your friends and family members because you prefer to watch television you will get lonelier and lonelier. In this case people will start to replace their own family members and friends with talk shows and comedies. In some dramatic situations people believe they are a part of the families shown on TV and therefore entirely lose their feeling for reality. Last but not least I wish to say that I consider the television as a very useful information tool nevertheless it should be used like everything within some borders.

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