Sports or library? Спорт или библиотека?

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When it comes to the issue of the arrangement of the university budget, some people suggest that universities should spend more money on their libraries rather than on student"s sports activities, while others maintain the opposite view. As far as I am concerned, the former point carries more weight. I take this view on account of the following reasons.

First of all, libraries are the places that maintain records of traditional theories, which are priceless treasure of human being. To keep these important materials, a lot of special devices have to be purchased. For example, a vacuum chamber that is used to keep a book printed hundreds of years ago may cost a fortune and constant budget has to be applied for its maintenance.

Second point to take into account is that libraries need more money to meet the need of the increasing development of technology. With the exponential leaps of the information technology in the recent years, massive amount of information can be easily and instantaneously obtained through computers and the Internet. Libraries also have to purchase such equipment, which may be very expensive, to meet the student"s acquirements.

Last not least, the quality and quantity of the library indicate the level of a university. Therefore, if one university wants to achieve a better recognition, it must spent more money to improve the overall situation of its libraries.

Just as the English proverb goes, "a coin has two sides" those who take the opposite view are partly reasonable that more sports activities and better physical conditions will greatly promote student"s health. But with the factors I outlined, I still believe that applying more budget on university libraries is much more important than sports equipment.

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