Should university students be required to attend classes (3)? Должно ли быть посещение занятий обязательным в университете?

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The extent to what level of efficiency modern education system could perform in teaching students is always a hot topic. Among many developing suggestions that could improve learning efficiency, the necessity of attending class has been argued frequently in recent years. When it comes to whether giving students freedom of attending class as an optional choice or not, tradition has it that class is a firm part of the school life. Nevertheless, in my part, I prefer having the rights as individuals to make our own decisions about attending a class.

I believe that studying out of class does certainly save our time and make learning more comfortable. Take e-learning at home as an example: students may learn at home via "visual classes", which are powered by computer and the Internet installed at home instead of pens & paper and white board in a classroom. Being connected with professors in different locations, learners do not need to battle rash-hour traffic for going to campus. Indeed, students could do their research at home or even at a vacation hotel. With modern technology, people could choose to learn any topic no matter what they are doing - drinking, eating or even listening music, at anywhere and any time. Therefore, studying without a real class attending requirement will save our time, and offer a comfortable learning environment.

Another advantage of making class an optional choice is that people could customize their learning process according to their own interests and capabilities. While classic class leverages learning speed and depth to satisfy every student in the class as a whole, learning out of class means self-control. Students choose to attend one class because its topic is just suitable for his study plan, and discard another class because he had learned it in advance during the weekend at home. He may then accelerate his studying speed and go on to the further topics that interest him. Admittedly, attending class at regular time has its own advantages. Students in a real class may be regulated by a teacher to concentrate on their study. Teachers, who are well trained, could also give learners professional guides and interesting demos. Moreover, some special programs such as physical exercises and experiments may only be conducted at real classes.

All in all, from what I have been discussed above, I suggest granting students rights of making their own decisions for attending classes. To make classes optional in universities will certainly bring advantages for learning and benefit the whole society.

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