Should university students be required to attend classes (2)? Должно ли быть посещение занятий обязательным в университете?

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Some people may believe that going to classes should be optional, but I really disagree with them about it. I do not understand how a university student can expect to learn much knowledge if he does not attend classes. Although self-study is a good way to acquire knowledge, students, I believe, need to be in class.

In classes students receive the benefit of the teacher"s knowledge. A teacher does more than just going over the material in the textbooks; she draws her students into discussions that may lead further understanding of the teaching material. She not only teaches acknowledge and theories, but also presents opposing opinions that help students think and absorb what they have learned. Additionally, she may invite guest speakers to give her students extra information from another prospect, or play some documentary films on certain subject.

Besides teaching knowledge, a teacher impart her students the right method of study. In that way, the students can understand how to study efficiently, how to find information from proper resources, and how to apply what they have learned into practice. In other word, if there is no teacher to lead them to the right way, the students may go into a roundabout and waste lots of time. The last reason for attending classes is that going to classes can train students to be more responsible and have good sense of teamwork. In classes, the students may be given some group assignments. To achieve assignments, they can know what is their respective responsibility and how to cooperate with others. Meanwhile, they can learn from each other because each student has his strong points, different background and experience.

In short, going to classes give students more knowledge, help them to become more responsible, cooperative and thoughtful. I believe that attending classes cannot be optional, but should be a essential part of university education.

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