What are the qualities of a good neighbor (1)? Каковы черты характера хорошего соседа?

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Human beings are social animals. It is therefore their instinct to live together. This factor has contributed towards civilization that gave rise to splendid cities and towns. However the basic unit of all these grand cities, and for that matter any human settlement is a neighborhood. Since we are social animals, we have to interact with each other and develop social relationship. In this regard, it is imperative to develop warm convivial relationship with our neighbors. For this purpose, it is also very important to have good neighbors as neighbors play a very important role in one"s life.

There are many attributes of a good neighbor. First of all, a good neighbor should be a responsible person, mindful of others" rights, which include privacy, peace and security. A good neighbor must therefore avoid unnecessary intrusions into his or her neighbors" personal matters. Also, a good neighbor must avoid practices that are likely to disturb the peace of his or her neighbors, like creating noise, organizing congregations at odd hours, indulging in altercations with them that are likely to cause tension in the neighborhood.

Secondly, a good neighbor must be caring towards others and be ready to help them in time of need. This is especially true when there is a emergency, like a fire, an earthquake or other calamities. In such a situation, neighbors are the first ones who can provide help to those unfortunate ones who have been struck with the adversity, and must do so in a selfless manner. Also there may be instances when one may have to leave his or her family, especially children at home due to unavoidable circumstances. In such a situation a good neighbor is required to take care of their needs and help them in all ways possible.

There may be cases where there are neighbors who are not financially well off. In such cases a good neighbor is required to be helpful towards the unfortunate ones in all possible ways, like sharing one"s food with them, or providing them with gifts.

It is said that one has the liberty to choose friends but one may not have the luxury to choose neighbors. Having good neighbors is thus a blessing and one must value good neighbors, while trying to be good neighbors towards them.

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