Should a new restaurant be built in your neighborhood (1)? Нужно ли строить ресторан возле твоего дома?

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A new restaurant in my neighborhood would be the most exciting event for me. I personally have positive feelings towards this proposal and also believe that the people of my neighborhood shall also feel excited about such an event.

Life in the fast lane today has turned out to be so hectic and tedious to us that at times we feel exhausted and therefore unwilling to prepare our food. We also feel a strong urge towards a change in the type and flavor of food that we eat. A new restaurant at such times near by shall make a difference to our lives.

In occasions of happiness, get-togethers and enjoyment, having a restaurant nearby is always a convenience for people here. For example, the restaurant can be a convenient place to hold a wedding reception, or a birthday ceremony.

A new restaurant shall certainly add lots of enthusiasms and excitements to people here and people who have the greatest amount of enjoyment would be the younger people. They can relax in a new environment with the experience of a new atmosphere and people around and most of all, tasting something new. On the other hand, a new restaurant in our neighborhood gives hope to young people who would like to make money through a part time or full time job.

In conclusion, a new restaurant will bring convenience to our community. So I personally welcome such a plan.

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