Highways or public transportation(2)? Дороги или общественный транспорт?

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Transportation is among the most important factors affecting the living conditions of people in the society. A prosper transportation system has different components, among which the roles of public transportation facilities, highways and roads are prominent. But if a government finds itself in the stage of defining its priorities in transportation, should it place higher importance on public transportation facilities, or should it prefer to invest more on highways and roads? There are many advantages in investing on roads and highways, however these advantages cannot surpass the advantages of investing on public transportation systems.

The most important advantages of investment on roads and highways include higher potential for the transportation of goods, reduction in costs pertaining to problems caused by low-quality roads, and notable effect on the thriving of the whole region and country. If a government invests on roads and highways, the quality and quantity of roads and highways will increase, so that the potential of the region for transportation of goods will be improved which will result in booming of the economy and higher income for the government. Furthermore, problems such as accidents, and gradual damages to vehicles that are caused by low-quality roads and highways will be reduced. So, the roads and highways will be safer and fewer damages will be caused on drivers. Finally, a country with vast number of high-quality roads and highways is more apt to prosperity. Because there will be more opportunities for the people of the country to have access to various resources. If the system is organized and managed well, it can lead to greater development.

However there are also many advantages in investment on public transportation facilities. A well-designed and managed public transportation system can eliminate traffic congestions in cities. Less traffic problem means the less air and noise pollutions, and can provide society with more physically and mentally healthy people. In addition, prosperous public transportation can save lots of our valuable time that otherwise is usually wasted in heavy traffic. Prosperous public transportation can also lower the huge amount of costs consumed on private vehicles including fuel, service and insurance costs. This saved money due to a good public transportation system can compensate the money spent on public transportation facilities. Finally, public transportation will increase people"s contact with each other, while private cars may to some extent isolate them from the society.

In conclusion, although there are many advantages in investing on roads and highways, there are more advantages in investing on public transportation. So, government should consider public transportation as its first priority in any transportation investments.

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