Should children grow up in the countryside or in a city (2)? Должны дети рости загородом или в городе?

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I think that it is better for children to grow up in a big city because living there and getting use to it will prepare them for the real life. Living in the countryside, for instance, in small towns or villages may prevent children from fitting into the society.

As a child born in the countryside (in a small town) I thought life is wonderful and people are always kind as they were in my hometown. When I grew up and I had to think about my further education. The best alternative was to go to study in a language school in a big city fifty kilometers away from my town. The school I chose was a leading institution in the whole country. It was a great opportunity for me to meet new people and to get better education.

I arrived for the school opening day. Everything was absolutely perfect. I met my new classmates and they were great. In a few weeks I understood that life was not as ideal as I thought it was. Students in the school were competing with each other for being the first in everything. It was strange for me and I was drowning in the puddle of cruelty and selfishness. My grades were not as good as these of the other students in my class and at the end of the first semester the headmaster informed me that if I did not improve my grades during the second semester I would be suspended from school.

The idea of being suspended was an unacceptable one. I could not let it happen. I became like my class-fellows - brutal and egotistical. The fight for the first places in the school"s rank list was merciless. At the end of the academic year I was ranked number 5 (five) of one thousand students in the school.

Today I am at eleventh grade and I am still one of the best disciples in the school. I realize that now I can afford dreaming. For example, now I want to get a university degree in the United States and I have real chances to be admitted.

However, before I came out from my hometown I did not even think of such fundamental things. It was just an issue regarding the geniuses, not me. But now I can say that I am ready to face the challenges of real life and no difficulties can deter me because this big city taught me how to overcome obstacles and to be one of the best.

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