Should children grow up in the countryside or in a city (3)? Должны дети рости загородом или в городе?

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Nowadays, technological development is directed to such people-crowded places such as big cities, resulting in significant differences of lifestyles between people living in the town and in the countryside. It is said that big cities are no longer suitable for bringing up children. In my point of view, I strongly agree that children should grow up in the countryside. Being close to nature, children in the countryside are likely to improve both physical and mental behaviors better than those who are in the city. In the rural areas, children are endowed with real nature that affects to the development of children.

First, fresh air in the countryside provides children with good health. Research has it that more and more children in the town nowadays are exposed to allergy on account of pollution from both vehicles and factories. On the other hand, children living far away from any high technologies are liable to be much healthier. Polluted air is a main cause to destroy the health of everybody, especially children.

Another benefit of living in the countryside is that a majority of children spend their free time wisely. After coming back from school or during vacations, most of the city-dwelling children waste their time by watching TV or playing video games. Big cities have limited areas and hardly furnish people in the communities with public places for relaxing such as park and playgrounds. Therefore children in the cities are limited to conducting useless or even harmful activities. In contrast, rural children devote their leisure time playing with others in large open fields or helping their parents look after their cattle. As a result, not only be rural children so strong from everyday exercise, but they also spend their time in a meaningful way by helping their parents do some work.

Finally, children in the countryside may become more considerate man than those who are in the big city. In the cities, there are very high rate of rivalry.

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