Important qualities of a co-worker. Важные качества сотрудника.

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We spend more time with our co-workers during weekdays than we do with our family. Thus, it is important for our co-workers to be the people we can get along with. In my opinion, there are certain characteristics that all good co-workers have in common. They are cooperative, considerate and humorous.

We no longer observe now a time that worships individual merits with great enthusiasm. Everyone should cooperate with each other. Teamwork is curial to a business. A good co-worker is willing to contribute to the office community and not too stubborn to accept advice. He realizes the fact that if one"s work is left not done in time, it may hold up everyone else.

Besides, a good co-worker is very considerate. He may change his own schedule to accommodate another"s emergency. He may be a sympathetic listener, comforting others when they are miserable. What is more, a good co-worker should have a sense of humor. His positive attitude may create a pleasant environment. When we are under the great stress of work, what we need most is not a delicious meal but merely a few good jokes to relax our nerve cells.

What I have listed is not the complete set of characters of a good co-worker, however, we can feel how comfortable it is to get along with a good co-worker. Being a good co-worker is not difficult but really very necessary. Such experience of being a good co-worker will definitely contribute to other aspects of life such as friendship and a healthy lifestyle.

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