Should a new movie theater be built in your neighborhood (2)? Нужен ли кинотеатр рядом с вами?

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There will be a hectic debate about whether to build a new movie theater near our region or not. Building a new movie theater will cause some problems such as traffic jams, noises, pollution, but based on the specific case and environment near our community, my point of view is to bolster the scheme.

Living in a small town far from the prosperous city, people in our community always complain about the boring life during the weekends. If we wish to entertain ourselves with some new movies, we have to drive all the way to a theater far away. Although digital cable and satellite TVs are available, they cannot totally replace the enjoyment that a movie theater brings. So it is not surprising that many people including me support the plan.

Besides, a new movie theater will provide more career opportunities. The theater has to employ people to work in it. In the meantime, some new restaurants and shopping centers will be built around the theater for people to eat and shop before or after they see movies. All those new commercial facilities will offer more job opportunities to people hunting for jobs during the economic depression.

The final aspect that makes the choice reasonable is that a new movie theater can encourage people to go outside rather than watching senseless TV programs all night. People will meet each other, and exchange information and ideas. People can use the new movie theater as a place to communicate and socialize with each other.

From what we have been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that it is positive to build a new movie theater in our neighborhood.

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