Should people do things that they do not like (2)? Должны ли люди делать то, что им не нравится?

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When it comes to the topic should people sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing, optimistic and pessimistic people have different attitudes toward this topic. For me, a person who likes changes a little, I would prefer to do some different things sometimes even if I do not like them. There are many reasons why I should sometimes do things they do not enjoy doing.

The first reason is that I could get more experiences from the things I am doing, no matter I enjoy it or not. There are pros and cons for every experience. What I learned from doing something I dislike is to conquer the similar situation and take the advantage of good changes I may encounter again in the future. In addition, I will see such a disagreeable thing as diversity to my routine life.

Secondly, many things which I do not enjoying doing can actually do well to me. For example, I do not like to sweat because it makes me uncomfortable with those sticky clothes and bad smell. But for exercise, the activity will cause me to sweat, surely keep me in good shape and benefit my health. Besides, I feel happy whenever I see my figure become more slender. Moreover, Overcoming displeased things gives me a sense of achievement.

All in all, it is not bad for me to do something I do not enjoy doing. Therefore, I agree that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.

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