Has the media paid too much attention to celebrities (3)? Обращают ли средства массовой информации слишком много внимания звёздам?

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In this global information age where newspapers or magazines are always handy and TV has already turned so many people into couch tomatoes, few people concern about what these mass media has brought to us; we just accept it anyway. While I think the current focus on personal lives of famous people by these media requires further consideration.

Admittedly, it is reasonable for those media to continuously pay great attention to celebrities, the present fierce competition of the various media, the hard-to-pleased audiences" taste, the bombastic effect of coverage of these shining figures. No surprise sometimes that we feel we just know more than those famous people than themselves.

However, the consequence of such intense coverage on public figures" personal lives not only violate those being-focused on a certain level, but also do harm to us being-informed in some ways. Firstly, the privacy of those celebrities is ineluctably encroached from time to time. Sometimes the result is sad - do not forget the tragedy of Princess Diana. Secondly, our attention is certainly being diverted by such tide of craziness about celebrities. What about those viewers who want to see something about ordinary people" lives? How can mass media not concern more about those people suffering from pain and poverty?

Furthermore, one of the significant results of the current fad on famous figures is that their behavior is so influential while at the same time the media have little guarantee to ensure what the say and do will not mislead the mass public and even cause more problems. For example, if a famous figure is being asked about his or her point of view in a field he or she is not quite acquainted, the words presented to the audience may be misleading. This is especially harmful to those young people who are more likely to watch those programs of their idols, and also are mostly vulnerable to influential but harmful sayings.

In a sense, I don not quite appreciate the coverage of people in the center of spotlight, maybe once the mass media turn a little bit from their current focus to other aspects of the society, they may find out that the world is wonderful all the same.

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