Has the media paid too much attention to celebrities (1)? Обращают ли средства массовой информации слишком много внимания звёздам?

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With the prosperity of both science and culture, people are accustomed with an abundant supply of information. Modern media, such as television, newspapers magazines, reinforce our accesses to news and information of all kinds, the most prevalent t of which are those about public figures and celebrities. Now there is a growing awareness that media now pay too much attention to the personal lives of famous people. As far as I am concerned, I cannot agree more with the statement and my point of view is well founded.

Nowhere in the history has the condition been more visible that reports about famous people, like music stars, movie actors/actresses and sports figures are easily available and unusually in details. When we turn on the TV, we may be led to the new apartment of a fashion star; when we glance at the paper, we may see dim pictures of an actress and her new boyfriend; especially when we get online, it is almost impossible for us to get ride of the latest affairs of a talented football player. It seems that the personal lives of public figures weigh much more important than the contributions they make to the society. All those absurd attention paid to their privacy is a waste of resources and degradation of public interest.

Another equally important aspect is that most of reports on lives of famous people are always focused on brilliant achievements and extravagant enjoyment, which overstate the gorgeous part and understate the painstaking part. Therefore, young people are often biased and tend to pursue such kinds of lives but with little endeavor. In addition, since the teenage are inclined to adore their idols with such a passion that mass of negative news and information of popular figures may even twist some youths" view of life.

Besides, public attention excessively paid to individual privacy of celebrities not only deteriorate social morality, but also derive the regularity and peacefulness of daily lives from those figures. Furthermore, tragedies are sparked in some extreme cases. One of the most well known examples is the death of Princess Diana of Britain.

Certainly I do not deny that some decent habits or features of the famous individuals add to his/her attraction and help to characterize him/her better. But our interests and curiosities should be properly controlled. All I want to assert here is a rational attitude to public figures and respect for individuals.

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