Has human harmed the Earth or made it a better place (1)? Люди навредили Земле или сделали её лучше?

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Some people believe that the Earth is being harmed by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. In my opinion, human activity is damaging the Earth. There are many reasons for my perspective as follows.

First, human activity causes many kinds of animals and plants to disappear. Today many species of living beings died out or near died out. We only can see some animals in the zoo because in nature they have disappeared. Human beings have been using their brains and machines to remake nature for many thousands of years. We use the habitats of animals and plants. We eat their food and eat them as food. Because animals and plants cannot grow fast to satisfy human beings, we cannot see them today. If some animals are dangerous to us, we kill them with our weapons. If meats of some animals are delicious, we eat them. No animals can copy with human being.

Secondly, human beings cause pollution to the Earth. I remember when I was young; I drank water from the river and stream. Today we can only drink bottled water bought from the market, because natural water is polluted by human activities. Air in some countries is polluted very badly, so many people died of lung cancer. I saw some reports that says in London people could not see each other clearly in a short distance in the morning because of much smoke and fog.

Finally, population on the Earth exacerbate rapidly. Human beings need more food and shelters because of increased population. More food and houses mean more needs from the Earth. Thus people need to cut more trees to build houses. People need to plant more vegetables and feed more cattle, so they demand more lands from the nature. Thus people are destroying more forests and natural lands. The living beings are losing their habitats.

Take into account of all factors I think the earth is being harmed by human activity. Today we cannot breathe fresh air and drink natural water. We have not enough places to live. We worry about our health because of pollution.

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