Do you prefer to stay at one place or move around (1)? Вы предпочитаете оставаться на одном месте или путешествовать?

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Living in one place all your life may seem very convenient. For my part, I am inclined to believe that not everyone is born in the place that is best for him/her, and thus one should take the chance and move to a place that is more suitable. For me at least, in this particular time of my development I find it better to stay in a place for a while, and then move on, to another place. However, as I would grow old I do believe my opinions in this matter will modify.

When I had decided for a career in art history, in a way, I had also chosen for a life on the road. I had always seen myself traveling from one place to another, organizing an exhibition here and there, and moving from one university to the next. In the five years before I started my undergraduate education I had been enrolled in four universities in three different countries. At a first glance, such a way of living seems really appealing. It is always exciting to see new places, and meet new people.

Also the idea of moving in order to find a more interesting and challenging job seems to be quite legitimate. However, one needs to consider that not everyone moves during his/her life because he/she wants to, but on the contrary because he/she have to. There are people that are running away from their pasts, or for one reason or another they simply cannot stay in the place of their choice. Moreover, moving from here to there have disadvantages even for those who enjoy moving. Family and friends are often left behind. Most likely, they miss the places that they have left. A piece of our soul remains in every place we spend a considerable amount of time. And what are we left with in the end? Probably with nothing more than the pain of being away from so many relatives, friends, and places we love.

Best thing to do, in my opinion, is travel all around the world, see as many places and cultures, make friends, but always keep a special place to return to, even if this place is not the one where you were born.

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