Do you prefer to stay at one place or move around (2)? Вы предпочитаете оставаться на одном месте или путешествовать?

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With the development of the transportation system and some residence facilities, the world is getting smaller and smaller, and people are not restricted to live in only one area. In addition, since there are different places with diverse cultures, living standards, education environment and others, people are inclined to move from one place to another. Is it better to move around than stay in one place? I believe there are no uniform answers, but in my opinion, I do agree with the claim that to move around is better than to stay in one place.

Most people"s growth comes with the transfers in their life. As for me, when I was young I lived in a small county. Because the school in there was not suitable to me, I transferred from my little county to a city to get a better education. As soon as I got to the city, I was amazed that the world was so different here compared with my hometown. If I were still living in my hometown, it was impossible for me to make the wildest guess at what the real world looked like. The first transfer has made me to imagine my own life and urge me to go further. With confidence, I went into a university that is located in a different city so that I have to come into another world. Compared with my living city, the new one is more complicated in which there are different people, more convenient transportation system, and more competitive environment. I love all of this very much. By communicating with different students and teachers, I have learned much from them, and the experience will benefit me throughout my life and influence my lifestyle. Now I am in a graduate school and I will never regret my choice of leaving my hometown because the transfer has given me a splendid life.

Also, like us students, there are many adults transferring their work place in order to seize better opportunities. No matter in industry, in agriculture or in service, workers have rights to choose the companies that they work for. Many of them work from place to place and then they accumulate precious experience and skills to excel others.

People not only move within their own country, but also go abroad to get education, work or live. We can see that many students want to go to foreign countries to further their education, and that many parents send their little sons or daughters to foreign countries to study. After all, diverse circumstances give persons new experiences and broaden their views, and even help them get more comprehensive understanding of the world, the society and life itself.

However, some people may say that if people move around, they will spend money, time and energy. It is right to say that it takes one person some time to get use to his or her new environment, new personal relationship, work efficiency and stability of the society and family. I have to admit that people should make extensive plans before changing their places and may not move aimlessly and frequently.

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