A piece of jewelry vs. a concert (1). Украшения или концерт?

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People make money for living first and then use the money for other things that lead them to a happy and healthy life, such as buying something they like, watching a movie, or eating a big meal. In my opinion, if I have received a gift of money, I would like to buy a ticket to a concert.

For me, music is always attractive. When I have completed a whole day"s study or finished the discussion on some academic problems, my spirit will be eager to relax for a while. When people want to relax, it is a wonderful thing to go to a concert: the music playing on the concert is the best thing to set your mind free. If you spend the money to listen to a concert, you will fell that the cost is valuable.

In addition, you can attend the concert with your friends. It is a good chance to build up the relationship between your friends and you. People are always busy with their work and study, losing many occasions of communicating with each other, a splendid concert and link us together. The music, the conductor and all the musicians on the concert can offer us a common topic; we can discuss those things together.

Furthermore, listening to a concert let me learn more about music and all kinds of instruments, it also culture the appreciatory ability. To think that I spend the money to buy a piece of jewelry, I can acquire nothing but being a little bit beautiful at one of my friend"s birthday parties. In that case, I just fell that the money has gone.

Money, even a little money, can make your life more valuable, for this reason, I prefer to buy a ticket to a concert than to a piece of jewelry.

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