A piece of jewelry vs. a concert (2). Украшения или концерт?

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Some people believe that attending a concert may enrich their cultural experiences, whereas others may agree that jewelry can be permanent and perpetual, therefore a good item to invest. As far as I am concerned, I prefer the latter point of view to the former. I would like to substantiate my conclusion from the following perspectives.

First of all, buying a piece of jewelry is an excellent investment. Once you buy the jewelry, its price tends to be higher and higher due to the limited number of precious gems. Besides, you can sell it for liquidity, when you are financially in trouble. Conversely, you cannot keep a ticket to preserve its value or resell it for money. If you believe "save it for rainy days", you must invest in jewelry other than a concert ticket.

What is more, jewelry symbolizes perpetuity. You must have heard of the famous commercial slogan from De Beers: "Diamond is forever". A piece of jewelry is always a good item to memorize some important days, such as a wedding anniversary. In addition, you can win the heart of the girl you appreciate at the critical moment by buying her a diamond ring! That is exactly the way I used to conquer my current wife.

Finally, a piece of jewelry, like a bracelet or an ear ring, cannot only deliver you fashionable aroma but also provide you with a luster of elegance. You may wear luxurious jewelry when you attend your friend"s wedding party. Likewise, you can put it on for more formal social activities. Wearing suitable and decent jewelry may distinguish you from the others, thereby making you feel more self-confident. In general, you will look totally different with the jewelry.

Admittedly, it might be true that attending a concert may satisfy your taste or edify your cultural sense. However, purchasing a piece of jewelry turns out to be more practical and helpful for most of people according to the above reasons. Consequently, I agree that if I have money I will buy the jewelry rather than a concert ticket.

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