Job Security In Business World. Гарантии места работы в современном бизнесе.

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In the modern society, people are taking a fresh look at whether companies should offer employees job security for their entire lives, since many businesses are now realizing that job security make employees less motivated to work and this leads to less profit for the company. Even though job security also has its own merits, it is becoming a conspicuous obstacle to develop businesses. Consequently, after pondering this question on many occasions, I believe that offering job for entire life is not a wiser choice for the development of a company and the society. My arguments for this view are based on the following points.

The main reason is that job security has an obvious disadvantage to motivate employees" work attitudes. Further, it leads to decreased productivity for companies. Workers who are certain that they can never lose their jobs tend to work less efficiently. Many government workers are so indolent that it can take them days and months to complete a task that should only take a few days to finish. Moreover, it is not uncommon to walk into a government office and see employees filing their nails, making personal calls on the office"s telephone, or surfing the Interment for fun.

The above reason is but one of many factors, in addition to, for the employees, there is a growing awareness that job security is not absolutely beneficial. With improvement of the society, workers are more eager to choose a better job, because a new job means a higher salary as well as challenges. Even some career consultants are starting to recommend that employees should find new jobs every three to five years.

Admittedly, job security has its own advantages, as a proverb says, "Everything has two sides." The most extreme manifestation is the fact that employee represents an investment because of the number of hours of training required and the company will continue to have a return on this investment. However, we have no complete evidence to agree that businesses should hire employee for their entire lives.

Generally speaking, taking into account of all these factors, I do strongly disagree that companies should offer their employees jobs for entire life. Job security was regarded as an outmoded way of conducting businesses. Nevertheless, the temporary professional jobs are proving to be the most effective way to raise the standard of living of a country.

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