Should business hire employees for their entire lives (1)? Должен ли работодатель предоставлять место работы на всю жизнь?

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Whether businesses should hire employees for their entire lives is relatively a subject of discussion as hiring employees for the lifetime increases the level of commitment and an undying loyalty and gives the feeling of security to employees whereas hiring new employees brings fresh blood into an organization.

I personally believe that businesses should hire new employees from time to time as this process brings new ideas, new expertise, new motivation, new energy, new technology, new beliefs, new culture, motivated spirit and other similar features which is very necessary for an individual and organization growth.

The inculcation and stirring of fresh blood in an organization keeps the company/organization/business going towards achieving more sales and more profits as new employees are better motivated to take new challenges with a positive attitude and proactive approach. They embrace new culture and offer their values, they bring potential ideas for the internal and as well as the external employees. Rejuvenating new employees helps the company from many perspectives as after certain period of time old employees becomes less contributing because of the same monotonous work, same environment, same relationships and no new challenges and risks to take on.

If you look at all the new multinationals i.e. Microsoft, HCL, HP, etc., they are achieving stunning annual growth and profits because their policy is to bring the best in an organization and keep hiring new employees. Employees are the back bone of every organization and pumping fresh blood to it after certain period becomes evitable for growth.

My advice to all will be to adopt a policy to inculcate fresh employees from time to time and investing time and money on them to help them deliver their best and also to retain some amount of old employees because it is said "OLD IS GOLD" to get the ship going through hard times and conquers at last.

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