Should business hire employees for their entire lives (2)? Должен ли работодатель предоставлять место работы на всю жизнь?

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Should business hire employees for their entire lives? My answer is no. A business has the responsibility to take care of the right and interests of its employees; therefore it should keep them as long as it can. But it is not realistic that a business can hire its employees for their entire lives.

Firstly, on the business side, in order to survive and thrive, a business, like a human body, needs to constantly bring in new ideas and fresh minds into the corporation, and eliminate those positions that are not needed any longer. Although this might sound cruel, but it is for the survival of the business. If the business itself cannot continue, every employee will lose his/her job. People generally think big companies like IBM or Wal-Mart are the kind of place where people can keep their jobs forever, but these days we often hear about the news that these companies also lay off hundreds and thousands of people due to economic depressions.

Secondly, on the employee side, securing a lifetime job in one company is always not good for his personal advancement. He tends to be satisfied with his current job, and make no plans for the future career advancement. This is harmful for both the company and himself. In fact, it is those hop around among different companies who can get a big increase in terms of salary and benefits, and bring new experiences and skills to their new employees.

In conclusion, I believe it is not a good idea to hire employees for their entire lives. It is both harmful to business and its employees, and therefore, also harmful to the society.

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