A live performance vs. television broadcast (2). Живое выступление или телевизионная трансляция?

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Some people like to attend a live performance while others think that watching the same event on television is more enjoyable. To me, I choose watching an event on television because it is easier and not limited and you have choices and can know more details of the event.

Watching an event is easier than attending it. You need only a TV set in your room. You do not have to buy a ticket or drive to the place where the event is performed. You can drink some coffee or tea when you want. But if you attend a concert or a play, you have no freedom to drink or do something else. In addition, at home, you do not need to worry about the traffic jam and being late for the event, so you have a light mood to enjoy the event.

The other advantage of watching an event on television is that you can enjoy it at any time and you can choose what you like from many channels. But if you attend a real event and find you have no interest on it, you would regret that you have wasted the time and money. Watching it on television can avoid it. If you are interested in the play, you can stay on it; if you are bored, you can change the channel to find some programs that are interesting.

Watching an event on television has another advantage in that you can get more details of the event from the interpretation. You can understand the background, the present situation and such information of the event. But if you attend it, you cannot get these information.

I choose watching an event on television. I think it is more enjoyable than attending a live performance.

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