Never, never give up! (2) Никогда, никогда не сдавайся!

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My English teacher always want us to remember Churchill"s famous speech near the end of Second World War "Never, never give up. " This brought people in many countries extremely strong courage in front of blood and death and helped them overcome the most serious difficulties in the human history.

"Never, never give up because I can always see the coast and it brings me courage all the time." This is what the girl who swam across the English Channel successfully answered when the reporter asked what had made her reached her goal. She said that she chose a very sunny day to make sure that she can see her hope and just went for it. To be able to see the goal helps us a lot when we feel frustrated somewhere and even almost lose our confidence. In the long term to success, hope is our belief and it can make us be very strong when we face great difficulties and even want to quit. Some people failed simply because they lost their sight of their "coast" although they are very qualified and capable.

Never, never give up and always give yourself a second chance. We may fail sometimes but it absolutely does not mean that we will fail very time. Thomas Edison, one of the most famous inventors in the 20th century, tried more than one thousand times before he found out that tungsten was the right material for the electric bulb, and so as most of the great scientists in many fields. When the Curie couple faced failures they never gave up and always told themselves to stick to what they were doing. It is not likely to achieve a great success by the first try. The real success is always based on a great deal of failure.

Psychologists tell us that the influence of what we strongly hold in mind is so important to our career. First we have to make sure that our goal is achievable and practical then just go for it no matter how difficult it is and we will never lose our passion and will always be positive. The characters in The Lord of the Rings have thousands of chances to turn back. However they kept going because they were holding on to something ~ There is some good in the world that worth fighting for. "Never, never give up" is always the secret to success.

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