Should we save land for endangered animals (2)? Нужно ли сохранять исчезающие виды?

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Human beings tend to put their needs in the first place all the time. It is obvious, that we all need shelter, food and clothing to survive. For some people possession of mentioned above things is not enough and they start to build houses and industrial institutions all over the world. In my view, this way we put the wild life of our planet in jeopardy. I definitely do not agree with the statement that our need for farmland, hosing and industry is more important than lives of endangered animals.

We all know that industry provides not only necessary things for people, but also destroys our environment. Of course, every person in the world needs such things as food, clothes and home. People already has built abundance of mega polices, small towns and villages with all kinds of industrial institutions. Human"s activity influences our environment dramatically every single day. For example, people cut forests, throw garbage into the ocean and create pollution all the time.

Many species of animals are already endangered because of our poisonous activities. Do we need to destroy our picturesque world even more, or it is time to stop now? I believe that people should decrease the development of industry, hosing and farms where there are wild forests and animals.

Also, I would say that everything in the nature is connected so strongly that by killing one kind of animals and destroying one type of wild plant, we can destroy many other species. As an example, Panda bears eat only bamboo trees and leaves. If people cut bamboo forests where Panda live, they would disappear too, because of the luck of their favorite food.

At the end, I would say that the land should be saved for wild and endangered animals. People should start thinking not only about their goods, but also about saving our planet.

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