What is a very important skill a person should learn?(1) Какому очень необходимому навыку должен научиться человек?

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Success has been an issue broadly discussed and defined by different approaches. Some say that being successful means being wealthy. Others associate success with popularity and power. A third approach would relate success with social and emotional well-being. So we come to the questions: "When can be someone considered successful?" and "What skills make success easier to achieve?"

In order to answer the second question, we should have a point of view about what success is. I consider that someone is really successful when that person is able to handle and enjoy social relationships. A leader can be powerful and recognized, but if he is unable to enjoy his leadership and feels lonely because he cannot establish a deep friendship, can we really say such leader is successful? On the other hand, a wealthy person may have all the possessions money can buy, but again, what if he cannot manage a marriage or a friendship? This person is likely to feel lonely and unsatisfied.

Developing social abilities may be a very helpful skill for a person to learn, in order to be successful in the social-emotional side of his or her life. One ability to develop could be effective and assertive communication. Many misunderstandings and conflicts can be prevented if we express our ideas clearly and respectfully, and if we learn to ask for clarification when we feel threatened or offended by something someone told us. Another ability could be learning to handle teamwork. We need to learn to work with others at work, at home, at school, in our community.

Getting into an agreement with our parents, children, coworkers and friends is a situation that can become hard to handle sometimes. Dealing with teamwork can be really helpful. Finally we could add the ability to deal with conflicts with others and conflicts with our own wishes or decisions. We will always find obstacles in our paths; it can be quite useful to know how to overcome them. In my opinion, I would define success as being able to enjoy what you have, what you do and who you deal with everyday. And to achieve success, you should have skills that help you handle relationships with your peers. We are social creatures; we need each other to succeed, and to enjoy our success.

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