What is a very important skill a person should learn?(2) Какому очень необходимому навыку должен научиться человек?

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"It is never too late to learn" is an English proverb meaning that people should never stop learning all his life. In other words, life is a process of constant learning, which enables an individual to make continuous progress to perfect him or her as a human being. Therefore, I deem the ability to learn is the most important skill of a person in the world today to achieve any accomplishments.

We are living in an era of knowledge explosion. There are too many skills to be grasped by a single individual within a comparatively short period of time. Skills considered necessary nowadays include English, computer, driving, etc. It is not very likely for a fresh college graduate to be proficient in all these skills. The most possible occurrence is that a person first chooses his field of profession and then starts to master those required skills in his field. Thus, I argue that the ability to learn new skills is more essential than the skills themselves.

Another reason for my avocation for the learning ability is that if a person is capable of acquiring new knowledge soon, he must be a smart, trainable and adaptable person who is what the rapidly developed society needs. In a society fraught with new difficulties and problems, a quick-witted person, when faced with them, will come up with solutions more easily than those who only know "the skills." That is why I believe the capacity to acquire knowledge carries more weight than "the knowledge" itself.

In short, in a time teeming with many unprecedented events, the problem-solving ability or new knowledge-acquiring skill is the most crucial one necessary for a person who wants to be successful.

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