Important qualities of a good son or daughter (2). Важные черты хорошего сына или дочери.

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It is commonly known that parents expect to see their children behaving decently and respectfully. It is extremely important for parents to provide to their kids a clear explanation of what is bad and what is good. Hence, by having parents" support and advices, children could achieve the important qualities that later their parents could be proud of. In my opinion, the basic qualities of a being a good son or daughter have been remaining the same over years.

The most important quality, I think, is that we should respect our parents. It was our parents who brought us into the world and brought us up. They provided us food and clothes, and send us to schools to be educated. They tried their bests to make our life happy and comfortable. Accordingly, it was our responsibility to respect our parents, including their efforts and opinions. We should not spend too much money on useless items because the money comes from parents" hard work. At the same time, we must listen to the right advices from parents and do not act according to our own wishes and desires despite the objection of our parents.

The second quality for a good son or daughter is that we should take care for our parents when they become old. Nowadays we have already attended the university, usually far away from parents. So we should keep in touch with them by telephone, letter and e-mail, not making them feel lonely. We may talk about their life at home, such as their work and their health. In fact every time when I give a call to my parents, I may feel that the call bring them happiness. The reason is that not only can they know that I am doing well, but also they know that their son cares about his parents.

A good son or daughter should have many merits. From my point of view, respecting the parents and caring for them are the most important for everyone. What is more, these values cannot be changed with the development of the society because they are the fundamental qualities of a good son or daughter.

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