Work at a big or a small company (1)? Работа в большой или маленькой компании?

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Some people show special interest in working for a big company, while other are more willing to work for small ones. Of course, every individual has his own opinion about the strengths and weakness when it comes to serving in a big firm or a small one; for me, my choice is definitely to work for a big company.

Now let"s use the analysis of "SWOT", which was always employed in the field of economics to get the problem solved. Here, S stands for "strengths", W for "weakness", O for "opportunities" and T for "target".

Working for a big company will have many advantages for your development in your career, because a big company usually provides more competitions and it demands its employees to be self-educated at the very beginning of becoming one member of the group, or he or she will be dismissed without hesitation. For as a big company, there is always a pool of talents waiting for a position to be filled.

Besides, in a big company, you will deal with different kinds of people, who are from different provinces or even different countries, having various education, thus you will be inevitably influenced by "multi-culture", which is of great importance to a person with the hope of tailoring himself to be an international talent.

Finally, in a big company you will be given more opportunities to be charged up either at home or abroad and be endowed with more chances to contact with more elites in the specific field. When speaking of the weaknesses, every thing is a double-edged sword. Working for a big company, there might be little chances for many people to stick out due to the bulk of talents, but compared with the strengths and the opportunities mentioned above, it can be ignored.

When it comes to the target, you, as a member of a big company, will be more likely to motorize your target because of the plentiful resources including material resources, as well as human resources.

All that I have said above boils down to the conclusion that if you are a person who craves for competitions and desires to be an international or inter-provincial talent, you should choose the big firms for your future development.

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