Why people work (2)? Почему люди работают?

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At the outside, it might seem obvious that jobs are just to earn our daily bread. But as we explore the facts beyond the selection of job, there are myriad of factors that go together in selecting a job. Earning money might be a priority because no one likes to live in penury, but it is not the only determining factor. I feel that the selection of a job based on remuneration might be a priority for entry-level aspirants who are in searching for their first job. But once people climb up the corporate ladder there are other factors one looks for. Going by my own experience I would say job satisfaction, recognition in society and realization of a long dream or vision will become the deciding factors as we progress.

With the information technology (which is the most human resource dependent industry) growing at an exorbitant rate, human resource managers have a tough time to understand what is really needed to retain the cream of talents in their organization. Recent studies show that job satisfaction and recognition are the prime factors that matter to the best talents, of course not to mention a competitive compensation package.

Every man has a vision, and continuous progress in the realization of their vision give a great feeling of satisfaction and moral boosting. I believe that without this vision we would never have our soldiers sleeplessly safeguarding our country. "Serve with honor" is the mantra which keeps them going strong. It is the same sense of responsibility and pride in serving the humankind that propels the doctors to serve the people without looking at their watches.

Every job is important and has their pros and cons. But it is still our social stigma to weigh a person based on their profession. It is this stigma which instigates the people to be finicky in the selection of a job when it comes to social recognition. Even in a social gathering the treatment given to a so-called executive is totally contrast to that of an ordinary low profile truck driver. Yes, people love to be recognized and it does matter to have a job worthy of it. There is a never-ending list to follow in addition to what is said above, like flexible working timings, profit sharing policies, free insurance, and others that lure the aspirant to take up the job. But, in my view, I would priorities that job satisfaction and sense of recognition are the prime factors in a person choosing to retire (of course only after serving their life time) from a company.

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