Face-to-face communication or emails and phone calls(3). Общение лицом к лицу или через почу и телефон?

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With the rapid growth of high technology, computer, telephone and other communication tools have become more and more important in our daily life, so what people have gradually ignored face-to-face communication.

If I were asked whether face-to-face communication is better than other forms of communications, such as email, phone calls or letters, I would choose email and phone calls. Here I am going to enumerate some reasons to support my choice.

The main reason is that communication by telephone or by e-mail is more convenient. There is no need to make appointment with friends before meetings; all you need is just to remember their phone numbers or email addresses. Wherever you are and whenever it will be, communication is as easy as face-to-face talking. Moreover, it is more efficient for people to communicate.

Another important reason is that the way people connect by email can make more friends. I have many friends on the Internet and we communicate with each other regularly, so I have gained more information and knowledge in many other fields.

Last but not least, indirect communication such as emails and phone calls can avoid direct confrontation and embarrassment. Sometimes we may not feel comfortable to borrow something or ask for a favor from our friends, because we are afraid of being rejected. At this time, an email or a phone call can be more convenient and can avoid embarrassment.

If all these factors are contemplated, the advantages of communication through email or telephone carry more weight than those of face-to-face communication.

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