Doing same things or trying new things(1)? Делать одно и то же или пробовать что-то новое?

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I have to say that keep doing the same thing all the time is boring, and I certainly do not like being bored. In the real world, there are uncountable things for you to do; so, why not try them when you still have the chance?

There will be no future if no one tries new things no more. Human beings would not have gone this far without trying new things. Our ancestors had done so much in doing so: they made tools for hunting, created communication languages and introduced many other techniques that we are still using today. All of these were new to them, and they tried the new instead of doing the old. Without their hard trying, we would still eat raw meat even at this time.

Some people may say, "I do not like to try new things because, sometimes, they could be risky. " I cannot deny that. However, there is nothing that never has a risk. You may get hurt even when you keep staying at the same spot, and when that happens, you are probably going to get more pain. The reason is simple: if you failed in the domain that you are not familiar with, you may not get too depressed because you knew it was new to you, and you can gather some thoughts, and then, try it again; on the other hand, if you did not do well in the area that you are good at, then, there is a great chance that you would lose your confidence because it was not as good as you thought it would be.

Thus, if you come to think of it, trying new things is not as bad as it sounds. Moreover, those risks hidden in the process of trying new things are often worth to take. Once you tried them out and got them right, the rewards you are about to get are often surprisingly good. That try new things, legal and harmless, is always good. Even if you failed or got hurt, as long as you are still ok, you have gained some experiences out of trying them. The whole world out there is for you to explore. Therefore, you should do so to make your life valuable. Concerning the topic, I prefer to try new things and take risks.

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