Doing same things or trying new things(2)? Делать одно и то же или пробовать что-то новое?

нравится 20 не нравится

When asked about the approaches to life, many people have the idea that change and new experiences bring us a meaningful life. However, others take the view that staying the same and not changing the usual habits is the better way of the life. In fact both approaches have its advantages and disadvantages, which are listed as follows.

Some people believe change and new experiences provide us a meaningful life because when we adapt to the change and new environments, we must face the difficulties and try our bests to overcome them. This process not only builds our personality, but also gives us an exciting and meaningful life. What is more, the change around us improves our spirit of adaptation and independence. They benefit us in competing for survival in the society. Let us suppose we always stay the same and do not change the environment. Then if someday we have to step into another environment, how can we adapt to it?

On the other hand, people who hold an opposite view consider that sticking to the usual habits is the better way to life. They point out that the longer you keep the same habits, the more adaptive you are and you may live comfortably. They point out that usual changes make you acquaint with nothing, and then it is impossible for you to have a happy life. In order to see this point clearly, they give us a good example: If you change your environment every month, you have to always change your habits and customs. Then how can you live happily?

As far as I am concerned, the advantages of change carry more weight than those of staying the same because I need to improve my adaptation. Only in this way, can I survive in the society.

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