Doing same things or trying new things(3)? Делать одно и то же или пробовать что-то новое?

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Without Christopher Columbus"s global navigation five hundred years ago, we can never know the existence of the American continent. Without the first brave man who tasted the poisonous "love apples" which are called tomatoes today, we can never have the delicious tomato and pea soup on our dinner table. And to a person, without jumping into the water, he can never become an excellent swimmer. So, when it comes to doing only what you already do well or trying new things and taking risks, I appreciate more the latter one.

While, the idea of doing what you have already been good at is without advantages. Probably, the most reasonable benefit of this behavior is that, one can make sure to be successful and never lose face. Success is important. For example, if you are an employee of a large competitive company, are you reluctant to drop every precious promotion opportunity to show your failure to your department manager? Or will you be tolerant to losing a job because of an unintentionally tiny error? The answer is possibly not. And doing the things one has already done well can also become a protection to a sensitive self-esteem. This may account for why a considerable number of people seldom speak a foreign language to the native speakers.

Nonetheless, pound for pound, I reckon that trying new things has more advantageous. First of all, there is no doubt that this is a sufficient way to perfect one a lot. It is just the failure that points out where he is inadequate and not developing well. And it is also the experience of failure that teaches him where to avoid making the same mistake as before.

Second, a little forward step always leads to a meaningful important discovery. In science, physicists insist on researching to explore the unknown mysterious substance cosmos and chemists seek out new useful materials through the results of millions of thousands of chemistry experiments. To some extent, we can say that stop exploring stop progressing.

Although there may be tremendous risks and masses of difficulties waiting us on the exploring way, we can really not stop our forward step. Given the factors I have outlined, I believe that a person who is full filled with the courage to try something he does not do well is more likely to overdo himself and enjoy a more and more colorful world.

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