Doing same things or trying new things(4)? Делать одно и то же или пробовать что-то новое?

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Doing something already done well is really easy for almost everyone, it is reasonable to choose this other than try new things and take risks. But for me, I firmly stick to do something I have not done before, for these sorts of things can really prove my ability, give me more experiences, and make my life full of fun and excitement.

First, choosing a different thing to do needs a person"s courage. When we come to a completely new thing, almost everyone will feel hard to start, which is common but it strengthen our wills and determinations. In fact, the beginning of a task is a real challenge for everyone, and its importance may directly bring about the result. At this very moment, courage is the thing we really need, but it is also the thing we do not always possess. To conquer the difficulties along with the risks will certainly bring you courage and pride that you never have before.

Second, the things you have already done successfully are of less interest and excitement than that of the new thing. Here is a simple example. Getting the right answer of one plus one, compared to working out an untaught new math problem, which means more to you? Definitely it is the latter! Or you may rather stay at a certain level without try to achieve any higher and being outstanding. Lastly, to the human being, standing at the side of the society"s evolution, the whole world needs new things to be invented, new areas to be explored, new ways to be tried out, and all these are the right things to make progress and build a better tomorrow.

I chose to try new things, and I will continue to make my new days in the future.

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