What change would make to your hometown? Что бы Вы изменили в Вашем родном городе?

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Everything in the universe is in constant change. And everything needs continual improvement if the ever changing and increasing demands of humankind are to be met. If I were ever given the chance to change one important thing about my hometown, it would be the Internet service. Needless to say that nothing generally revolutionized the way we live as the Internet in the past decade.

Thus, an improvement in this vital service would mean an even more, unheard betterment to the people in my hometown.

It is said that information is power. True saying indeed! I can envision how everything in my hometown could improve dramatically if the Internet service in it were made free, fast and staying out there like electricity, telephone or water all the time. One thing, a fast free and reliable Internet service could improve the way people work in my hometown. With this service people in my hometown do not need to commute to a far place to do their job. This in turn would mean less traffic jams, spacious work place, more time for family and recreation and so on.

The way people learn would be another important thing that a fast, free and reliable Internet service could be useful for my hometown. People will have the chance to go through tremendous amount of information resources in a very small amount of time. This assures a more fulfilled life for my hometown people.

Since its advent, Internet touched every part of our life. It in a dazzling way improved the way we do business, learn and communicate. A change in Internet service implies good way of living for every one in my hometown.

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