Serious movies or entertaining movies (1). Серьезное или развлекательное кино.

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In this busy world filled with hectic activities, it is up to a human being to take some time away for relaxation. Relaxation helps to quell away the tiredness and rejuvenate our spirits. One way of relaxation is watching movies. The ubiquitous movie theatres in each city can witness the fact that watching movies is the main form of entertainment for people. However, how people make the choices on the movie? Well I feel most people have a proclivity towards an entertaining movie may it be on an action, love or a comedy, rather than a serious one.

People"s inclination towards entertaining movies can be strengthened by analyzing the factors behind why people watch movies. Most people visit cinema halls only for relaxation and naturally tend to choose a light subject. It is most common for youngsters to use cinema halls as meeting places and they make watching a movie a part of their weekend holiday plan. That is the reason why all the box office hit movies fall in the entertainment category, whether thrill or action. More over, children are always fascinated by entertaining and fun cartoon movies. Children play the deciding factor in pulling their busy parents to the cinema halls, even if their parents have an inclination towards serious subjects.

However, I would like to see beyond public acceptance of a particular movie, whether it a serious movie or an entertaining one. Filmmaking has been functioning as an industry by itself. I would also like to analyze which movie, whether serious or entertaining will help to boost the growth of the movie industry. As discussed, the main reason of success of an entertaining movie is the wide range of audience who can accept the movie and enjoy it. Hence making an entertaining movie imposes a lesser risk on the capital invested in the making of a movie. However film producers hesitate to spend more on a serious subject with the trepidation over the chances of the movie not making a good performance. This limitation of budget on the serious movies can be witnessed by lack of luster in these films.

The fact that the movies handling a lighter subject make a good business does not necessarily go against making movies with no themes or thought provocation. A message or a subject, when it goes hand in hand with entertainment or amusement is well received invariably by people. Also there are many other avenues to address serious problems, such as books, campaigns, and advertisements etc. However I feel that watching movies is the best way to enjoy action and entertainment. It helps to bring out the exact feelings as conceived by the director. Some of our favorite films tend to linger in our memories for ever and just a little thought about the film unleash the entire sequence of actions in the films drawing us back into its virtual world. Hence there is no doubt that given a choice I would prefer to watch an entertaining movie rather than a serious one. I am unable to discuss much in detail, for I am running out of time and my friends are already waiting for me. We are going to watch "Lord of the Rings" by Jack Peterson.

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