Serious movies or entertaining movies (2). Серьезное или развлекательное кино.

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It makes me sensitively to think of Hollywood place where movies were first made before World War I. In those days, Hollywood movie was like a magnet, drawing ambitious young men and women form all over the world.

Till now, there is nothing that can substitute the position of movies that is the most efficient way to relax us. I prefer movies designed to make the audience think. As far as I know, most movies are supposed to be made from the source material that mirrors a part of the social events. That means there is another methods to force us to think about what we have done for our country, what is our responsibility in the society and so on. In fact what kind of information we need can be gain from different medias including television, the Internet, radio, newspapers, especially from some movies.

Tracing back to my childhood, I like watching the first work directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Rebecca. So young though I was, it did make me sunk into contemplation. Not only did the plot make me a little confused, but also it really told me the truth that whoever is right or wrong, no one can live in the shadowy place and everyone must live his or her own live, enjoy the sunshine belonging to their own.

A movie worthy thinking about should conquer everything, including one"s heart, which never fade with time going by, even be possible to change our lives. Here I can not help siding with the other view, however it does not mean that we should totally ignore it, this is not a matter of making an "either-or" judgment. What we want to clarify here is what is primary and what is secondary.

If permits, a movie primarily designed to make audience think, add some amusement and entertainment, just like tasting a cup of cappuccino.

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