Serious movies or entertaining movies (3). Серьезное или развлекательное кино.

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This is a very flexible topic to argue upon. Both sides have their own pros and cons. But I would like to argue on the fact that the movies are to amuse and entertain the audience rather than fomenting their emotions and causing them to think. In the following paragraph, I have supported my argument with some examples.

Think of a person who has been working the entire day. When he returns home, he will be completely exhausted and will start feeling that he leads a very hectic life. At that situation, if he watches a movie that is full of lively pranks and jokes, he will be revitalized like a battery that is being recharged. This is what everyone wants, especially when they are dejected and doomed. On the other hand, when a person watches a movie that is very serious and emotional, it will only increase his tiredness. He will be having a lot of thoughts in his mind, like, what to do next? What is my first job when I go to work tomorrow? What are my assignments tomorrow? What is my account balance? Among all these numerous things, when he watches a movie that contains serious dialects, he will start thinking about those things. This is not the thing that should have come to his mind.

Moreover, a movie can be made to convey a subject in an entertaining way rather than in serious ways. This will do more good for children too. We would have seen many kids who will be imitating their favorable characters. For example, the American kids are greatly moved by the cartoon character called the "Barney", after seeing which they try to talk in the same accent and style. So a child can be molded through their favorite character. The movies can be made to convey a good moral through their famous stars, which will inculcate a deep emotion in them in the right way. On the contrary, when a serious movie is played to the children, they are left confused and soporific, and they will neglect it even when there is a good moral in it.

Hence, I conclude that, the movies that are filled with amusement and entertainment will be appreciated by most of the people of all categories. After all, movies are a virtual world were impractical things can be put into practicality and ideology.

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