Profit and its price(1). Доход и его цена.

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Nowadays, merchants tend to strive for remaining in existence by all means due to the extensive competition and burdensome pressures. However, I am always amazed when I hear that it is necessary for businessman to do anything possible to make a profit. It may be as highly laudable and exemplary a thing as it is held to be by those who are addicted to money.

Apparently, I strongly object to it due to various factors that weigh heavily against the notion. The foremost reason is that merchants would be rewarded by nothing but distrust and even hatred from the customers if they hardly care about anything but money. It is widely known that nothing can be compared with the good reputation of a company, which attracts more upright and loyal customers. Suppose we are facing the dilemma of which brand of shampoo to purchase. It is of no surprise if you decide to take the one produced by P&G or other reputable large companies. As a result, what assures the buyers most is the credit of the service suppliers?

Another subtle explanation for my point of view rests on the fact that various appalling results would in some cases, be caused by the immoral and even illegal businesses. It is decent to make profits and receive the repayment of diligent work and continuous efforts. Nevertheless, producing unqualified or even deleterious commodities, which possibly lead to detriments of people"s health or security, is never the sensible method to operate a company. What impressed me most is the tragedy happened several months ago in some part of China. Hundreds of infants died because of the nonnutritive milk powders produced by some merchantmen without ethics. Therefore, it is never too rigid to denounce the immoral and irresponsible behavior. The third point I would like to mention is that the merchants themselves would not be reassured to enjoy the property acquired in improper ways.

In most cases, it is the essential satisfaction of benefiting the public, rather than the material items, which inspires people profoundly. What a pleasant thing it would be to receive repayment of your diligent work and continuous efforts! On the contrary, few people would go into rapture even if they possess a mass of wealth earned through indecent ways. Thus, only by obeying commercial disciplines could a businessman obtain supreme success and maximum pleasure.

Taking into all the reasons above into account, it is barely too arbitrary to conclude that only by descent and good Intentioned business activities could a company achieve respectable and decent success.

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